About us / Privacy statement

We will not lend, sell or otherwise make available, your personal information...

At Jobo.TV, we respect your privacy! We will not lend, sell or otherwise make available, your personal information without your permission, unless required by law, subpoenas, warrant, or court order.


Jobo.TV uses Google accounts to sign-in. The only information we receive from Google about You is your email and your name.


The only information we receive is your EMail address and your Name. You can delete your profile any time without prior notification. As soon as you delete your profile all this information will be removed immediately.

Files, images, music and videos

We don't store your private files. They remain on your device. Only in case you want to share them - we store on our servers indexing information only.

GPS Data

You GPS data is NOT stored on our servers. It is cached for 1 hour and after is deleted. However sending GPS information from your Android device or Windows PC is a setting, which can be turned of/off from Jobo.TV application.


"Cookies" are small data files that are written to and stored on your hard drive when you visit a web site. They do not read files on your hard drive.

Like most web sites, we use cookies to personalize a user's experience of our web site and to make it easier for users to complete forms. Our cookies do not track user movement once you leave our web site, except for noting your destination address.

Most web browsers allow the user to be notified upon the proposed installation of a cookie and the user can then decline the cookie. If you decline the cookie, you may not be able to use our entire web site.