Connect and Control to your Android devices and Windows PCs - directly using P2P and secure !

Jobo.TV is a small service application, that runs on your Android devices or Windows PCs. The most unique feature about Jobo.TV is the way connection works - it uses Peer 2 Peer connections between the browser and your devices for data, audio and video streaming. There are no clouds and no intermediate servers!
Once connected - the browser will display all available Plugins. These Plugins are running on devices where Jobo.TV applications is installed and can be controlled remotely with a browser (Chrome, Mozilla or Opera).

Turn your phones or PCs into home security system you can watch from anywhere!

Use your old phones and turn them into security surveillance system. Watch and Listen them from anywhere and even talk back!
No special setup required - just use your old Smartphones or PCs, install Jobo.TV application and sign-in with same Google account. Place them in proper positions and that's it - now you can monitor all from anywhere in the world !

Video & Chat...

With Jobo.TV you can make FREE high quality video calls, voice calls, and send chat messages to easily connect to your friends and family around the world.
Jobo.TV works on Web, smartphones, tablets and PCs, so you can always call the people who matter to you anywhere in the world. Integrated chat allows you easily to exchange messages or links.
Starting Video/Voice/Chat calls with multiple participants is as easy as opening a new tab in your browser.

Track the location of your devices or share your position with family and friends

Your Jobo.TV service application can be set to record current positions on regular intervals. This information is stored only locally! Using Recent locations Plugin, you can always go back in time and see which places you visited and when.
Share you current position with your friends and family. Never worry about your kids, as long as they carry Smartphone running Jobo.TV - you will know where they are and you can call them easy by clicking the icon on the map!

* If you choose to share your location with your friends - information about your current location will be stored in memory cache on, and as soon as cache expires it will be deleted!

Share your Windows desktop

Jobo.TV allows you to share your Windows desktop directly in inside a browser. You are in complete control of who and when can connect and remotely view your desktop.
The Windows PCs signed with your account can be monitored all together, similar to video survaillence cameras...

Manage your files and folders remotely

Download or Upload files to your Android device remotely! Andministrator of the given device can have elevated privileges to browse all folders or move/rename/delete files...
Security matters - that's why we have invested a lot of efforts to make file sharing easy as well as very secure! You can setup different rules for every different user - read or write options or completely disable the feature for given user or device!