Help / My Locations

See the last known locations of your devices on the map.

Current location

Current location of your devices, family members and friends

Activate sending the current location to Jobo.TV

  • Open locations plugin setting on your device
  • Switch on sending current location to Jobo.TV

See current location of particular user

  • Click on the particular user or your icon on the top of sidebar to see profile
  • Click on near by the device name to see current location of the device

You will see also the locations of all other devices of the user, if available

See current location of your devices and all your friends

You will see the locations of your devices and devices of all users that give you the permissions, if available

Click on the device or user icon to see the information about selected device

Connect to selected device

You can directly connect to the device by clicking on its icon on the map and choosing the link on the top of the tooltip


Only You and users in your contacts you explicitly allow can see your location

  • Goto Access Manager page on Jobo.TV
  • Allow your family members and friend to see your location

We never store your locations in databases. Your last GPS positions will be cached in memory for few hours and it will be automatically deleted later.

As soon as locations tracking is turned off - we explicitly delete all location data from memory cache.