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Watch all your Windows Desktops simultaneously.

My Desktops

Stream content of all your Desktops in a single web page.

  • See all your desktops you want in one page
  • Listen to microphone on selected PC
  • Talk back to the selected device

Build your own Desktop surveillance system

Install Jobo.TV app on your Windows PCs

  • Connect your devices to same Google account
  • Make sure that "Remote Admin" is on and "Desktop" plug-in is enabled

Connect to your desktops

Desktop live

volume_offTurn on/off streaming audio

mic_offTalk back to your Windows PC using the browser

clearClose the desktop. Refresh the page to reopen all desktops if any of them were closed.


Video and audio streams are transferring directly using Peer To Peer encrypted connections, so no data relay and cloud servers are in between.

Only account owner could access his PCs connected to the Desktop surveillance system.