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Browse your files on your mobile phone or PC remotely.

File explorer

Manage file/directories on your Android phone or Windows PC remotely

  • Download/Upload files directly to/from your browser!
  • Watch video files, see photos and listen your audio files.
  • Create, delete and rename files and directories on your Android phone or Windows PC directly from browser.

Connect and start File explorer

Once connected to the desired device - just select the File explorer ...


Only contents of Shared directory is accessible for users except Administrator!

Administrator (only You) has full access to all files/folders tree on your device!

It is possible to setup the access rights to the files on your device.

Also you can disable access to your files for particular user.

File explorer operations

   Go to shared directory

   Refresh the folder content

   Go to parent folder

   Upload files to server

   Download selected files

   Create new folder

   Rename selected item

   Delete selected items

File explorer features

Browse files and directories of the connected device. Only Administrator can browse the entire file-system.

Download files directly from the connected device!

Upload files. Watch transfer speed and estimated time for upload!

Image files are opened automatically.

Sound files such as mp3 or wav are played automatically.

Video files such as mp4 are played automatically.

Create a folder on connected device.

Rename files or folders.

Delete files or folders.