Help / Plugins / Video Calls

Free audio video conversations and chat.


Connect to your friends and make a free Calls from a browser to a Android device or Windows PC

  • Video and audio conversation using P2P connection
  • Call from any modern browser to your frends
  • Life chat between a browser and a device
  • Call from your device to any connected browsers

Connect and call or send a chat message

Once connected to the desired device - just select the Call

Then choose video or audio call

The call should be accepted by the device owner

You can see and hear the caller during the video call and then decide to accept or reject it



Send chat messages

  • Send a chat message during conversation
  • Just send chat message without a call

Initiate chat or call from your device

  • Select any connected user
  • Choose the chat
  • You will be able to write chat or call directly to the connected browser
  • Click outside of the dialog if you will discard

* - choosing of Disconnect will disconnect selected user

Settings and security

Choose the camera used for video conversation

Also you can disable access to your cameras for particular user.